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Antler slices

Antler slices

Ferment CJSC has sufficient antlers, equipment and experience to fill your orders for reindeer velvet antler slices. Based on the client's demand, we can supply slices of an entire antler or strictly by sort.

Cutting antlers into slices

Chinese classification

  1. La pien – 0,1%
  2. Bai feng – 07%
  3. Hong feng – 15%
  4. Hong sha – 20%
  5. Bai sha – 25%
  6. Tree root – 19%
  7. Fu jia (sprouts) – 10%

Korean classification

  1. Jik (renal medulla)
  2. Bunkol – tips
  3. Guksande – 5 cm. past tips
  4. Sande – 20 cm further
  5. Junde – to the bone
  6. Hade – partially ossified lower part of the antler.
  7. Dobogyun – cutting and sale of the entire antler

Slices of upper tip of antler.

Slices of upper tip of antler.

Sort A antlers, filled with blood and with a high content of biologically active ingredients, selected for cutting slices.

Clinical effect of slices in Eastern medicine has confirmed its use in cases of weakening of the functions of the liver and the nervous system. It helps sexual debilities in young and middle aged men and women. It assists in the growth of children and their mental development.

The use of antler slices is recommended for adults suffering from congenital bone and muscle weakness. Antlers counteract the aging of the organism, and strengthen the heart and immune system.

Method of use

Antler slices can be used to prepare medicinal infusions in vodka, boiled in hot water and steeped for 60-90 minutes, or added to food. Daily slice dosage for an adult is 1.5-3.0 grams. One package is good for 10 days. Thinly sliced antlers are packaged in cardboard packets of 75 grams each.

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