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Gemolen reindeer dry blood

Gemolen reindeer dry blood

Hemolen reindeer dry blood The reindeer breeding product-based medications have been applied in the Tibetan medicine for thousands of years and the non-effective preparations could hardly be survived to the present day. The oriental sages believe that the preparations made from the reindeer antlers and blood can prolong the juice of human life, postpone the senescence, improve blood formation, repair wounds and strengthen the potency.

Also the reindeer antlers and blood are the most favorite delicacy for the people of the North. Under extreme conditions of the Far North, the reindeer, struggling for survival on the short polar days, generates the maximum quantity of the biologically active substances. This unique phenomenon explains the burst of vital force in those indigenous ethnic groups, which consume the reindeer antlers. At that, the vital biologically active substances are compensated in the body which helps a human being to survive under severe conditions of the North...

At manufacturing the dry blood, the unique reindeer breeding base of the Far North is used. The blood sampling takes place from the healthy reindeers at the killing department certified under the European standards.

The reindeer dry blood has the effective action on human body due to the broad range of biologically active substances. Its composition contains peptides, amino acids, growth hormones and factors, nucleotides, mineral substances and vitamins.

The reindeer dry blood:


A source of iron and amino acids which has a positive impact on the HEMOPOIESIS at anemia and accelerates the processes of restoration and adhesion after traumas, fractures, surgical interferences.

Improves immunity

And sanogenetic body properties; eliminates the state of pre-existing disease, prevents the progress of disease.


The mental and physical capacity.


The sexual function; prolongs the duration of the sexual act and makes it more intensive.

Aministers the aid for excessive fatigue, meteosensitivity, headaches

Has a positive effect on the state of the vegetative nervous system; is applied at arterial hypotension; improves the vascular elasticity; reduces meteosensitivity.


The processes of senescence activating the energetic, synthetic and metabolic processes late in life.


The sportsmen's adaptation to loads; improves their performance capability. At that, the rate of the sportsmen's body adaptation after loads gets increased.

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