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BAA "Pantogematogen Northern", what is it?

BAA "Pantogematogen Northern", what is it?

BAA «Pantogematogen the Northern», what is it? — It is a liquid medication made from defibrinated reindeer blood, antlers extract, sugar syrup, fruit essences and ascorbic acid. «Pantogematogen the Northern» contains the whole complex of active substances, such as amino acids, nucleic acids, lipids, macro and microcells, growth factors and the most important element — ferrous (heme) iron, which is assimilated in the human body 10 times better than iron of another valence. Administration of 30 ml of the «Pantogematogen the Northern» provides adult body with a daily dose of iron (to 100%).

Due to the unique content of biologically active substances and the universal production technology, it is can be said that «Pantogematogen the Northern» has a wonderful curative effect in case of iron deficiency anemia. On the fifth day after administration of «Pantogematogen the Northern» it does increase the content of erythrocytes and hemoglobin in blood, which eliminates the hypoxia of tissues and internals, especially hypoxia of a brain. It also reduces fatigue and improves workability.

«Pantogematogen the Northern» slows down aging process, activates metabolic processes in old age, adapts the body of athletes to the high load training, boosts the immune system after chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

It is worth emphasizing that «Pantogematogen the Northern» is a biologically active food supplement. It is extracted from the reindeer blood, which is taken in the period of maximum synthesis of biologically important substances, which are required for sustaining deer’s life in extreme conditions. Before the medication comes into the market it undergoes several stages of standardization and biological control.

However, it is worth to get from the process of creation of the medication directly to the pharmacological action of the medication. Pantogematogen itself represents a medication which is intended to restore the physiological functions of human body, and first of all to normalize a hemoglobin level in blood. It is also has a good effect on boosting the immunity, so far as it helps your body resist to diseases and to protect it from harmful environmental influences.

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