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Velcornine application data sheet

Velcornine application data sheet

Registration number: 001660/01-2002

VELCORNINE is a liquid alcoholic extract from the reindeer antlers (non-hardened horns).

Pharmacological properties:

The medication has a tonic, restorative action/effect, improves the physical and mental capacity, the body resistance and reduces the susceptibility to infectious diseases.

Proposed indications (clinical use):

VELCORNINE is to take by adults as a tonic or restorative at undue fatigability, ASTHENIC feelings, neuroses and the functional sexuality instability.

Mode of administration and dosage:

VELCORNINE is to take by mouth, 30-50 drops 2-3 times per day 30 minutes before meal. Course of treatment: 2-3 weeks. If necessary, in 7-10 days the course of treatment is to refresh. Before the administration, the mixture of the medication with water in the ratio 1:10 is allowed.

Side effect:

VELCORNINE may nauseate very occasionally, when being applied.


The application of VELCORNINE is contraindicated at idiopathic, primary or essential hypertension (hypertensive disease), expressed (severe) atherosclerosis, organic heart diseases, central nervous system HYPERERETHISM, THROMBOEMBOLIC diseases, epilepsy, malignant NEOPLASMS (cancer) and within the acute periods of infectious diseases.

Pharmaceutical form (how supplied):

VELCORNINE is supplied in bottles of the capacity of 30, 50 and 100ml.

Storage conditions:

The medication should be stored in the shadowed place at the temperature of +15-+25° С.

Dispensed without a prescription.

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