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About Our Company

Closed Joint-Stock Company "FERMENT" was established in 1991. Its General Director is ALEXEY OSINTSEV.

The Company founder is NIKOLAY OSINTSEV, CAND. SC. (Biology). Over 35 years the scientist has dedicated to the study of chemical composition and pharmacological properties of the antlers of maral, spotted deer, reindeer and elk. He developed the reindeer antlers procurement technology as applied to the conditions of tundra and mountain-and-taiga zone of the Far North. N.OSINTSEV is the author of development of such medical product as VELCORNINE, as well as of a number of biologically active additives to food from the reindeer antlers, blood and endocrine and enzyme raw stuff. His research is reflected in publishing 70 scientific works and 13 inventions.

CJSC "FERMENT" is a commercial organization established to carry out the activity on the economic and social development of the Far North and Central Region of the Russian Federation, the effective usage of the production and export potential for the deer, fur, fish and other farms and the agro-industrial complex associations, with the use of any forms of ownership, including the mixed ones.

The Company sets the development of the international cooperation in trade and economic relations based on the diversified forms of ownership – as one of its general objects.

In accordance with its goals and objectives, the Company carries out the following activities in the RF and on the external market:

  • Gathering, processing and sales of the products from the endocrine and enzyme raw stuff;
  • Procurement, gathering and sales of the reindeer and maral velvet antlers and hardened horns;
  • Production and sales of the preparations and finished dosage forms made from the reindeer and maral antler products;
  • Production and sales of the other products of the tundra reindeer, animal (fur-farming) and livestock breeding, as well as of fishery and hunting;
  • Procurement and sales of the Tibetan medicine products;
  • Procurement, processing and sales of medical plants;
  • Production and sales of the bone products;
  • Production and sales of consumer goods;
  • Organization of exhibitions, auctions and other events;
  • Organization of training the specialists of the interested Russian and foreign enterprises, establishments and institutions;
  • Representation services;
  • Advisory/consultant, information and intermediary services;
  • Marketing services;
  • Agency work;
  • Research activity;
  • Sales and buying activity;
  • Purchase, lease and sales of movable and immovable property;
  • Carrying out the external economic activity according to the procedure established by the current legislation;
  • Promotion of a revival of the traditional catching/hunting/fishing of the nations of the Far North.

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